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Juthamas and daughter detained for second night awaiting bail decision


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Juthamas and daughter detained for second night awaiting bail decision
By The Nation




BANGKOK: -- Former Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) governor Juthamas Siriwan and her daughter had to spend another night in detention on Thursday after the court refused their request for temporary release.


They were being detained at the Central Women Correctional Institution for a second day as the court did not reach a decision about their application for bail.


On Wednesday, the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases sentenced Juthamas, 70, to 50 years in jail for accepting US$1.8 million (Bt62 million) in bribes from an American couple seeking the rights to host the Bangkok International Film Festival. 


The court also sentenced her 43-year-old daughter Jittisopha to 44 years in jail for helping hide the ill-gotten cash in overseas bank accounts. The court ordered authorities to seize the funds found to have been earned dishonestly from the bribery scandal.


The mother and daughter spent the night in detention on Wednesday after the court declined to grant them bail. The lower court referred their request for bail to the Appeal Court, which did not make an immediate decision. 


Their lawyer, Tanakorn Waekwari, sought a temporary release, offering bail of Bt1 million each. The defence is expected to appeal against the court verdict.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/national/30310851

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-03-31
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Oh those poor women. The idea that they even would have to spend a single night in a jail cell for their crime...


Get a grip on reality, sisters. The party is over. You should've thought about possible consequences when you concocted your little scheme out of sheer greed.


Yet I do have the uneasy feeling that they might be out soon.

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Whether or not they get bail is irrevelent, no way will they have their passports, their assets will all be taken and worst of all is the huge loss of face. None of their former hi-so friends will have anything to do with them and for a self important Thai there is no worse punishment. Shunned by your own, what a tragedy, oh the shame of it all.

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1 hour ago, rkidlad said:

Jailed for donkey's years and now waiting to be bailed. What's the point, Thailand? 


So many children playing at being adults. 

You can even get bail on a death sentence here!

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She was also one of those birds who visited Pattaya during her tenure and publicly proclaimed not seeing anything faintly related to prostitution, behind the backdrop of Walking Street at that time.

She was as professional and trustworthy in her assignment as Kobkarn today; hence I sometimes wonder why tourism, such an important branch of Thailand's money spinning endeavours, is in the hands of such clowns. 

If found guilty - which seems to be the case - forget the bail and let them rot for a certain period of time in jail. Bang Kwang is a nice place and if the warden loses the key - no damage done as well. 

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