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Lawyer Seeks Autopsy Results, Video In Case Of Slain Lahu Activist

Jonathan Fairfield

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Lawyer Seeks Autopsy Results, Video In Case Of Slain Lahu Activist

By Sasiwan Mokkhasen, Staff Reporter



A photo obtained by the Facebook page Citizen against Single Gateway shows Chaiyaphum Pasae standing next to a soldier while he searched his car. Photo: Citizens Against Single Gateway / Facebook


BANGKOK — The lawyer for the family of a young ethnic activist shot dead by a soldier said Tuesday he will request security camera footage and autopsy results as evidence of what happened.


Sumitchai Hattasan said he will submit a letter to Nakornping Hospital in Chiang Mai province this week requesting the autopsy results of Chaiyaphum Pasae, a young activist from the Lahu ethnic group.


The army claimed a soldier shot him to death in self-defense last month because he resisted arrest and attempted to throw a hand grenade when officers pursued.


Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2017/04/04/lawyer-seeks-autopsy-results-video-case-slain-lahu-activist/


-- © Copyright Khaosod English 2017-04-04
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The Army says they gave the video to the police.  In the full, linked article, the Regional Police LTCOL on the case says they have not received the video from the Army. 


In other Khao Sod articles, I wasn't aware the Army sued Chaiyaphum previously, apparently for posting an embarrassing video of a solider slapping a civilian around.  The Army lost their case.  That had to annoy the hell out of the Army, on top of the original embarrassment and exposure, at the hand of a lowly, stateless hill triber.


In other Khao Sod article, the Army claims Chaiyaphum wouldn't get out of the car at the search/check point and had to be extracted.  But in photos now released, Chaiyaphum is seen standing next to a single, unarmed soldier inspecting the vehicle, bent over, head in the engine compartment, no other soldiers in close proximity.... which just doesn't seem to add up had Chaiyaphum been combative and uncooperative just minutes before. 


But it is possible Chaiyaphum was dealing drugs, and the Army's statement that he bolted from the check point when the inspecting soldier discovered the Meth in the car, is plausible. 


Problem is, the Army says they purchased drugs from him this past January in a Sting operation, but Chaiyaphum ran away and avoided arrest.   So he was already well known to the Army in the area having embarrassed them previously.  The Army says they know all about him, including large bank transfers in his accounts from drug dealing.  And say they bought drugs from him, and he ran from them once already.  So why hadn't they tracked him down and arrested him in the meantime?  Certainly they recognized him in the car when it first stopped at the check point.  Why not arrest him on the spot for the previous drug deal and evading arrest?   Why wave the car in for, in the Army Commander's own words, a "routine" search, and let him stand there so casually, right next to the solider performing the vehicle search, as the photos show.

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If the video shows anything other than the Army's somewhat questionable version of events, we all know it will not be released.

Whatever verdict subsequently comes out will then not really matter, as everyone will know the truth already.

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