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Bangkok prepares for toned-down Songkran celebrations


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Bangkok prepares for toned-down Songkran celebrations



File Photo: Silom Road


BANGKOK: -- SONGKRAN celebrations are supposed to be more sober and tidier this year, with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) taking measures to tone down festivities a little as the country continues to mourn the late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


Although traditional water wars will be allowed along Silom Road, with traffic banned from noon to 10pm during the holiday, BMA governor Pol General Aswin Kwanmuang yesterday warned that too-loud music and dancing on the back of pickup trucks were prohibited.


The city will campaign for Songkran revellers to refrain from using high-pressure water guns, while urging people to save water.


Drinking alcohol, wearing too-revealing clothing and using powder to smear passers-by will also be discouraged, he said, following a meeting of city executives at City Hall in preparation for Songkran.


Aswin said the city, which has designated “Safety Songkran Zones” in all 50 districts including the famous Khao San Road site and Silom Road, would seek cooperation from event organisers and the public to refrain from certain activities. 


He urged people to throw and spray water only within designated zones so as to not disturb others who did not want to join in the “water war”, including those coming to the Grand Palace to pay respects in front of the late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Royal Urn. 


Aswin’s deputy Amnuay Nimmano and chief adviser Wanlop Suwandee would inspect various Songkran zones during the celebration period to ensure order, he said.


Amnuay said he would today preside over a meeting at the Phra Nakhon District Office to bring all district offices hosting Songkran celebrations together to discuss their plans and related safety measures.


As the Songkran holiday period is notorious for increases in road accidents and casualties, the district offices will also be instructed to carry out alcohol and speed checks on transport van drivers.


The BMA will host the main traditional celebration at Khon Muang Plaza in front of City Hall from April 12 to 15. 


The sacred Phra Buddha Sihing image will be brought from the National Museum on April 12 in a procession through the streets of old Bangkok to the plaza’s temporary shrine, so people can worship for good luck, before it is brought back to the museum on April 15.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/national/30311323

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-04-05
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OK, now who is going to inform all the drunken, nasty, foreigners? the ones with the giant guns, the beer all over the place? the ones who (male and fremale) just make asses of themselves in front of the Thai's? WHO? i will be waiting and watching as usual.

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Initially, the news led us to believe the celebration would be curtailed dramatically with Police issuing citations for assault.


Now, the more I read it sounds like it may be same same as last year.


Why am I not surprised...


It's impossible to control 70 million revelers.


I will view it all far from the nonsense through a window high above for three days in Bangkok.


I personally hated it for 11 years. :post-4641-1156694005:


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Tell everybody inside and outside those 50 districted "Safety Songkran Zones" (what a piece of wording again) of Aswin Kwanmuang to go to Pattaya.

There they have "Happy Zones" where - for sure - alcohol is consumed, wearing too-revealing clothing is appreciated (some people even pay money for the revealing part -  I hear) and powder smearing will reach new heights. 

This will allow the Bangkokian event organizers and the public from refraining from certain activities (whatever that stands for) as they are celebrated elsewhere.

Honestly, since when does a government "zone" its people? It is ridiculous as not enforceable and makes some look seriously retarded while the rest chuckles - again! 

The mother-of-all-zones, it seems ;-) 

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Head to the Countryside! where people are still more Thai than farang and much more Thai than Bangkokians (whose women's noses and breasts are sculpted by surgeons, and whose skin is oddly China white).   Before the Dangerous travel Days, of course.   The rest of the country is taking an embrace of life again, and still remembering their Great King.


I believe Thais can embrace happiness for everything the Great King did, and still mourn his passing at the same time. 

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Ok, if you want to party, there are a lot of Songkran Parties going on,

where the Police will not raid,

for example in the big hotels.


Check the Songkran Parties on the event plattforms.


Depending on your age and your fav music, there are different types.


The biggest Pool Party Community of the Sofitel will have a Songkran Party,





750 THB + 1 Drink(s)
Buy Tickets
Friday 14.Apr 2017
13:00 - 21:00


next day, on Saturday, the 15. Apr 2017, you can go on the AmBar Songkran Pool Party,



If you like Deep House Sound Music, there are the Blast Pool Parties on all 3 days,



So, if you have a table and orderd a bottle, you are on the safe side,

that you don`t have to party without alcohol.


If alcohol isn`t the point, and you like EDM music,

go to the Oasis Arena, to the S2O Festival,

and try now,

to find a bargain price for the tickets



(new info on fb, already sold out, may be, you find the non-fake wristband (=tickets) on the private market.


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