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Hiatal hernia + 3 fractured vertebrae = pain/fear for life


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Any forum is a rough-house of sometimes inappropriate advice - as you well know.  Sorting through the verbiage that comes at you is a bit like the same issue as sorting through the various offers of diagnosis.   Look for advice based on first hand experience.  I'm really sorry to hear you can't manage to sort out a local helper.  You'll have to exercise you skills in cross-cultural relationships with the professionals you are dealing with.  Should you decide to travel again, just make sure your visa is in order and/or you have a valid re-entry permit of some form.  You've done the travelling thing before and you know to check out FX rates, etc.  Every penny counts now.  I only remind you of these basics because I know how this kind of illness can mess with your head. 


When I was ill near Bangkok I was able to partially sort out my tight abdomen to some extent with peppermint tea for the gas - not sure if I mentioned that before.  Make it strong and sip it hot.  I mixed several brands because they seem all to be blends of different varieties of mint.  For the solids I persevered with keeping hydrated,  over-the-counter laxatives & enemas, and ultimately my home-spun colonic irrigation.  It took over ten days probably, but once things has started moving I found that increasing the dose -- because I could actually fit something more in -- meant that the clearance accelerated.  Your mileage may vary, as they say, but you have nothing to lose by trying. 

My situation changed and I was able to lean on a cancer relief charity in UK, so the rest of my experience is not much use to you, but the point is that you're not wrong and you're not going crazy -- you are ill and it's affecting how you think and how you see your symptoms.  It's not just your gut that needs clearing out, it's your thought processes too -- getting back your commonsense and sanity -- being able to see the symptoms and prioritise them in relation to acuteness and budget.  I can only wish you a successful outcome.  Keep us posted - even the people you feel resentful about. 



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