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Do Not Buy Apple Products From DTAC.

Intrepid Phil

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I just bought a new iPhone from DTAC, 2 days later the speaker started making strange noises. After reboots, the phone was ok but then after a while it would happen again.

6 days after purchase I returned the product to the same DTAC shop I’d bought it from. They informed me that they have a ‘same day’ only return policy for Apple products. How on earth a customer can be expected to find a technical fault on the same day as purchased, very unreasonable. Obviously if I’d been informed of this at the point of sale I would not have purchased the product from DTAC.

After looking into the legality of a ‘same day’ return policy, Thailand does have a consumer protection act called the Direct Sales and Marketing Act. Under section 20 it provides a seven-day period from which a consumer may return the thing purchased from the seller in cases he changes his mind. So DTAC are in direct contravention of the Law of Thailand and although I’ve discussed it with them they absolutely refuse to give more than their ‘same day’ exchange policy.

Things get worse.
I spoke directly with Apple who are very certain that they have never heard of DTAC.
DTAC’s own spokesperson claim that DTAC IS an official re-seller but as Apple rightly pointed out, if DTAC was really an official re-seller then they would have to abide by the Apple 14 day return policy which they assure me also apples to Thailand. Finally, as DTAC ARE NOT AN OFFICIAL RE-SELLER OF APPLE PRODUCTS, I'm told I will have to abide by the highly illegal return policy of DTAC.

How many other DTAC customers have been cheated out of their rights in this way?

My advice to anyone looking to purchase a new Apple product; DO NOT BUY IT FROM DTAC!

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Would you please do us all a favor and not let them get away with it??! This is disgusting behavior on their part and it's not the first time it happens! Dtac and other pathetic providers are NOT official resellers and you are not the first one who has a problem with them. 

If I were you I would go to the police station and report it. Then I would call the newspapers and national TV and ask them to talk about it. Then I would go online and let people know that they should avoid dtac like the plague. 

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The Direct Sales and Marketing Act covers sales directly to the consumer at his home or place of work such as telephone or internet sales. It does not cover goods bought at a normal shop as in this case.


As far as I'm aware, there is no general return right in Thai law for goods bought at a shop and it's the norm in Thailand that if a product develops a fault you don't take it back to the shop you bought it at, instead you have to take it yourself to the service centre covering that brand. Some larger business do however have their own return policies.



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