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Toyota pledges record high investment in 50 years to make Thailand regional hub for eco-car production


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Toyota pledges record high investment in 50 years to make Thailand regional hub for eco-car production




BANGKOK: -- Japanese automotive giant Toyota has announced to make Thailand a regional hub for eco-cars with confidence of the country's potential and pledge of record high investment in 50 years.


This was revealed by Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak after a top executive team from Toyota Motors Japan led by its Senior Managing Officer Shinya Kotera paid him a visit.


The Japanese team had officially voiced confidence in Thailand’s potential for becoming the regional hub for eco-car production for emerging markets, Somkid said.


He said the Japanese executive plans to make long term commitments in the local automotive industry.


This came about after Toyota bought Daihatsu and merged them into Toyota Daihatsu Emerging-Market Compact Car. This will be based in Thailand for eco-car production for emerging markets with eventual plans to supplying eco-cars for the global market.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/toyota-pledges-record-high-investment-50-years-make-thailand-regional-hub-eco-cars-production/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-04-25
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Sadly well gladly I will not be around to share in the excitement. I am rather surprised that a company as smart as Toyota would make such a statement. 50 years is a eternity in the car business today. Driverless cars will soon be the norm. You will not need to buy one or have a license just a dial up phone number. No costs depreciation tires insurance, fuel, repairs all gone. Car production will be cut in half or more in years to come as ownership will be a dinosaur and like taxi's today they will busy well busier because of the lack of ownership and increased demand. Uber will be the order of the day. 

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Good business buzz words, but with Thailand? Really!?

I must be missing something?

I need to rub eyes and take another look at where I am.

Oh! It still the same place as it has been for decades... No change.

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Toyota are one of the few who can do and say what they like as long as the wages stay low they will stay but if other country's start doing as Thailand does and add 300% import tax then a new ballgames comes into play.


FreeTrade Thai Style


You buy our rice and goods and add no import tax

We buy your wine and euro cars and add 300% tax its only fair as we are a developing country.


I think that will change very soon with the you tax us we tax you feel that is emerging


Wait and see time

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On 26-4-2017 at 10:57 AM, jerojero said:

Yes, in 50 years we promise to invest. What a bunch of crap, predicting anything that far out.



75 years ago rail roads. Now electrical vehicles for the next 50. True, Bangkok was crowded around Sukhumvit / Sheraton with Japanese CEO's late evening and today. APAC meeting and future predictions for businesses. In fact funny. Japan scared for a totalitarian regime as North Korea but this regime is okay to do deals with.

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