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Bomb scare in Sa Kaew after woman leaves bag in city hall car park


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Bomb scare in Sa Kaew after woman leaves bag in city hall car park

By The Nation


A woman sparked a bomb scare when she absent-mindedly left a clothes bag in the car park of Sa Kaew city hall on Saturday morning.


A security official spotted the suspicious-looking bag beside an Energy Ministry pickup truck at 5am and alerted police.


Bomb disposal officers rushed to the scene, joined by Sa Kaew governor Klanarong Pongcharoen and his deputy Thammasak Ratanathanya, and officials from other agencies.


The bomb disposal team quickly established that the bag contained only clothing.


Later, the bag’s owner, Nimnual Naphotong, turned up at the city hall to apologise to the governor for causing the bomb scare.


She said she was leaving the city hall after attending a business seminar and placed the bag behind their pickup but forgot to put it inside when she drove off.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/breakingnews/30317118


-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-06-04
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A bag left near the Hua Hin bus office at Swampy was pounced upon by 20 cops and military....opened then removed.

Russian woman came by 5 mins later and asked me about the bag......

Kudos to the security guys...very quick action.

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The world becomes a madhouse.

Such news from everywhere.

Place a bag of garbage at the train station or airport and block traffic for hours.


Before the scare someone would have peeked into the bag and off to the bin.

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