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Postal service for international customers from Thailand?

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We are currently starting a business that will send 100 - 200 packets per day to mostly international customers. We are still struggling to understand what is the best and reasonable priced service provide for this. From our current understanding there is:


  • Thailand Post, pricing structure not clear from the website.
  • EMS, seems to be very expensive.
  • DHL, we couldnt recieve any pricing information so far for the eCommerce service.


Is there anyone here who has experience with these providers and sending a lot of shipments on a daily basis internationally? We do not need an express service and the weight is usually 100 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg, 2 kg. Shipments would mostly go to Europe, US, Australia.


Thanks a lot!

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Thailand Post used to have a great website. Just punch in the weight and destination and the page would come back with all the sending options and prices.


I have just had a quick look for the website but can't find it. Maybe somebody else will be able to help.


I have just found the bookmark on my computer and the website seems to have been taken down!

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