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Return to Thailand within 90 days or guide gets blacklisted


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Return to Thailand within 90 days or guide gets blacklisted



Image: Manager


A company has gone onto Facebook to appeal to two runaway Thai women who quit a group tour to work illegally in South Korea.

The company said that their employee guaranteed the pair with the Korean authorities and has been told that if the "tourists" don't return to Thailand within 90 days she will be blacklisted from the country for life.

Passport pictures of the pair from Thailand's north east were posted online. They are 32 year old Yupin Jantasan fron Udon and her friend Chutiya Ruangphattarawet, 29, from Nong Khai.

They were on a group tour and after only two days did a midnight flit from a Seoul hotel and have not been seen since. That was three days ago.

They are believed to have joined the thousands of other Thai people who have entered the country on tourist visas but end up working in the wealthy nation.

The guide was named only as "Phee Erk". Because of some regulations about the numbers in a group tour she had decided to act as a personal guarantor for five people who were known to the company.

But the two other were not known to her. However, after a long impasse of two hours with immigration authorities the guide decided to settle the matter by reluctantly acting as their sponsor too.

Now they have left the guide in serious trouble by disappearing.

The company complaining on the "Banthuk Ying Uan" page said Thais were coming up with fake documents and plain lies with the authorities in South Korea and making trouble.

Usually by disappearing they were only getting in trouble themselves but on this occasion the livelihood of a guide was at stake through no fault of her own.

Recent news stories suggest there may be 20,000 Thais working in a variety of service industries in South Korea.


Source: Manager



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-06-10
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33 minutes ago, Artisi said:

And what does "a variety of service industries" actually mean? 

Doing what uneducated Thai ladies do best when they need to make money quickly and easily. 


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