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Thai Health Ministry: All rights to be intact under new health insurance act


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Health Ministry: All rights to be intact under new health insurance act




BANGKOK, 13 June 2017 (NNT) – The Ministry of Public Health has assured that its new national health insurance bill is to make access to healthcare easier for citizens and that existing rights under the act will not be stripped away. 

Inspector-General for the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Marut Jirasetsiri, acting as spokesman for the ministry’s committee considering the draft national health insurance act, stated that all involved in the new legislation’s drafting are confident that it addresses problems in the public health sector. He specified it directly addresses 14 issues faced by users of the Gold Card healthcare system such as payment to non-recognized agencies and reimbursement for damages from public health service use. 

Dr. Marut pointed out much of the language of the existing national health insurance act has been carried over with amendments mostly to its services more accessible and convenient. 

The committee is nonetheless open to public input via www.lawamendment.go.th and is urging views to be submitted before June 19. It will be holding forums in all 4 regions to hear further opinions with the aim of making sure all rights guaranteed by the act are kept intact.

-- nnt 2017-06-13
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