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Truemove One Year Unlimited Data Sim


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Has anyone ever seen this sim before?... the seller says their good for one year for one payment of 15,000... she is selling for 2,500?.... Where can one buy them?












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Also utter nonsense that they are sold at 15000 baht anyway.


Even on their own website the price hovers in between 300 and 500 baht per month. 


The unlimited 4Mbps package supposedly at 450 per month.




All prices plus VAT.


So whilst they might or might not work, they aren't the bargain they are purported by the seller.

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6 hours ago, shady86 said:

The speeds are limited to 1Mbps which is about 100KB/s. I doubt you would want to use that for anything.


Perhaps not bad for listening to internet radio in your car or when travelling, and getting emails and satnav traffic updates etc.

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These are legit promotion(s). I think there are two iterations.


one is ~ 100 baht/month for unlimited mobile data with the rate capped at 1 Mega-bit per second, and these come in 4/8/12/16/18/24 month increments, so 400 baht up to 2,400 baht. On net calls (to other TrueMove H numbers} are free, off-net calls are 1.5 THB for the first min., then 1 baht/min thereafter. Not sure about SMSes, maybe 1 baht per.


the second promotion comes in one level: 2,500 THB (discounted from 5,000 THB) for 12 months of unlimited mobile data capped at 4 Mega-bits per second. Add value for all calls: 1 baht/min.


Hot-spotting is allowed.


Probably a good deal for some who's application requirements don't require multi-mbps rates, and if you don't mind paying up-front?


These are available from select retailers: both physical and on-line, availability is limited and a lot of inventory is already depleted.



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