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Nasolin Sinus Pills


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Is it possible to purchase Nasolin on the internet? I always stocked up when I was in Thailand but I have run out and these have worked so well for me in the past so I was hoping to be able to replenish my supply until my next trip.

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Certainly not from Thailand - it is no longer possible to get iot here from a pharmacy, only a hospital now as all meds containing pseudophedrine are now strictly controlled.


Many other controls have controls on pseudophedrine products of one sort or another so I would advise against trying to get them through the mail even if you can locate a source somewhere.


It is quite possible an equivalent drug is available OTC where you currently live. Go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if there is a brand of pseudophedrine + triprolidine

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I just got Nasalin from a pharmacy here containing phenylephrine. As Sheryl stated, Nasolin from the hospital does contain pseudophedrine. Nasalin and Nasolin not the same thing. Nasolin known as Sudafed in America is available without a presrcription. Only a Sudafed card is on the rack, you take it to the pharmacy counter, then your drivers license is entered in a Federal database, and then taken off the rack behind the pharmacy counter for you to purchase. I needed it in Geneva but it was also not available in pharmacies when we visited last year. Trying to prevent the manufacturing of meth.

Question to Sheryl, might Nasolin be available at a local doctor's clinic or only hospitals?

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I'm not sure but I think only hospitals.

Re Nasalin what likely happened is that after the Nasolin was made a controlled drug the company put out another version with pseudephrine instead of pseudophedrine for OTC sale and with a similar sounding name, to try to offset loss if revenue. Tiffy did the same thing. Unfortunately pseudoephrine is nowhere near as effective.

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I think we're getting the medicine names confused here:


It's pseudoephedrine that was the original primary sinus medication, and unfortunately the one that was restricted to hospital prescription-only in Thailand some years ago (and similar elsewhere) because of its ability to be repurposed into making illegal meth.


It's phenylephrine that in many places was then substituted as the available, over-the-counter medication for sinus problems. And, most/many of the former OTC medications that used to use pseudoephedrine were reformulated with phenylephrine, but kept the same or similar product name.


Unfortunately, phenylephrine was been widely shown to be considerably less effective than pseudoephedrine for combatting sinus congestion. The only good news about this is, pseudoephdrine is still available by prescription from hospital doctors in Thailand, although some/many seem reluctant to prescribe much of it, probably because of hospital policies and or concern about getting undue attention from government drug enforcement regulators.


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