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Where Governments find a new way to screw us over!

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With out a doubt I find driving anywhere in Australia a relaxing experience after a 6 month stay here in Thailand. BUT:

There are NO end of occasions where the governments, of ALL states, come up with a new initiative/excuse to screw their tax payers/drivers over - this is the latest from Victoria:-



Makes you wonder if "ambulance chasing" lawyers aren't going to be matched by radar equipped Traffic Fine contractors!


During my last trip to South Australia; on returning from visiting my elderly mother, we (my sister driving) were pinged doing 62 kmh (fine =AUD $423.00) in a so called 50 kmh zone on a rural road in the middle of no where (long straight road out of Strathalbyn) - It is a country area with fencing and cattle - NOT built up residential - So why the zoning = revenue raising! Beware this type of crap goes on all over the state of S.A.


There is much more but RANT over for now!


I know why I spend 10 months of the year (past 17 years) here in Thailand. Just sick of being screwed over.


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Heading West yes but East no. Coming out and turning right onto this road there are no warnings. Anyone unfamiliar with the location would assume they are in a rural area. We were pinged and photoed from behind!

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