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Taxi dishonesty: Thais get ripped off too


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Taxi dishonesty: Thais get ripped off too



Picture: Manager


Manager reported on a story of a "greedy" Bangkok taxi driver taking advantage of two passengers. 


But these were not foreign tourists - they were a couple of Thai kids up in Bangkok from Songkhla to take an exam. 


The boys arrived from the south on a bus at Mo Chit bus station. 


A taxi driver took them from there to Rangsit and charged them 900 baht - EACH!


The fare was 1,800 baht for a journey that should be no more than 200 baht in total. 


The boys had no idea where they were going and were in Bangkok for the first time said a relative who posted on the YouLike site. 


After the boys reached his house and told him of the cost he tried to locate the taxi. 


He failed but managed to find out that it was a green and yellow Bangkok cab under the name of Prajan Singkhorn with a licence plate of กฎ (kor dor) 3630.


He asked netizens to look out for the driver who Manager called "naa leuat" (greedy). 


Source: Manager



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When being highly critical of Thai Taxis and the scummy charlatans to rip people off there is always someone who posts a response implying that its a language issue etc or its an issue related to us being a foreigner, its never happened to them etc so it must by our fault. 


....I have always argued that Thai's too have the same negative experiences, read Panthip.com forum and there will be pages and pages of Thai's who have had negative experiences, been ripped off etc... exactly the same issues Westerners face when dealing with Taxi's in Bangkok.


Fortunately there are good taxi's... but the odds of getting a reliable taxi or not facing repeated rejection is now becoming a 50/50...  


Its unfortunate for the honest Taxi drivers who a tarred with the same brush... Whenever I am taking a taxi the thought goes through my head "What kind of a-hole is this next guy going to be" and whenever possible I book a GrabCar instead. 





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43 minutes ago, webfact said:

these were not foreign tourists - they were a couple of Thai kids up in Bangkok from Songkhla

They're ripped off the same as they're tourists. Same with tuk-tuk drivers in CM who ripp off Thai tourists. On Phuket you don't have to be a tourist to get scammed by the tuk-tuk drivers, they try to rip off anyone.

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Don't use them, haven't done so in years because of their greed, e.g. wanting twice the amount to take me where I wanted in rural Thailand, which was 1,000 baht every other time, don't want to turn on the metre when in BKK, don't want short trips back to my hotel........STARVE as far as I am concerned.


Hire a car myself now days when I need to, and or book a private driver through Phuket SRC Travel online when I am flying to and from Phuket airport.


Have to say this, never had any troubles from Phuket Airport to my hotel, except one time when I arrived very late, i.e. 4am in the morning, should have been 9pm and there was only a minivan back then, and he said 1,800 baht to Patong, so what else was I supposed to do, went dutch with my mate, but they have never received a single baht from me since, each taxi driver for themselves till the last one drops I say 🙂


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Take his license away and tell him to look for another job as he will never ever drive a taxi legally again - do this with, say 100 crooked cabbies and you'll drive the message home ....... 

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