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Absolute latest from Immigration on Insurance...

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2 hours ago, Exploring Thailand said:

So nothing in the cabinet resolution about foreign insurance being for the first year only, although they do voice their concerns. It reads as though they haven't considered that an OA can result in a stay of over 12 months.


I wonder when the ministries of Public Health, Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Sports, and Immigration will be publishing this "updated information" referred to in point 2.


The cabinet resolution was a statement of principle, directing the various government agencies to work out the details. From what I know and have seen so far, there are:



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As of 11am today, from Hatyai Immigration, who in my books are the greatest ,most helpful bunch of People i have ever delt with... UBON JOE is absolutely correct with everything he has stated...F

Oh well, the info i got is there at the start of this Thread....take it or leave it. It may be of use to some members... Just follow Ubon Joe's leads...he has it spot on....  

You didn't ask that question explicitly did you? A yes or no answer will suffice in this case. 

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37 minutes ago, Exploring Thailand said:

Thanks for your work in pulling all of these together.


Ubonjoe was first to post a link to them, all jumbled into one huge PDF file of scanned documents, buried on the Immigration Bureau website.

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