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Korat: Residents hang out red clothing for protection after "ghosts claim 13 lives"


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Korat: Residents hang out red clothing for protection after "ghosts claim 13 lives"



Thai caption: Red clothing will keep the ghosts at bay and reassure us

Picture: Sanook


Villagers in Thailand's north east are convinced that a malevolent "Phee Mae Mai" (widow ghost) is at work after thirteen people died in one small area in the last three months. 


They have decided to protect themselves by hanging red clothing outside their homes in Ban Tha Luang in Tha Luang sub-dictrict of Phimai. 


Phee Mae Mai usually come for men but women have been dying too. 


In the latest death a man called Buneuan, 55, collapsed by the road and later died. He had been perfectly healthy up to that point. 


Since November victims aged 17 to 60 had been taken. Most of them were men. 


Now the locals are hanging out things like Manchester United jerseys to deter the ghosts. 


Like in other countries the team is also known as the Red Devils in Thailand. 


That might help combat the local scourge, notes Thaivisa, though on field the team were little match for runaway EPL leaders Liverpool on Sunday. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-20
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6 hours ago, Monkeyrobot said:

Will they be arrested for being ing Red Shirts..?


But better than ghost kill them.


is Issan ghost. Easy to find red shirt for protection in Issan. Have many.

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23 hours ago, steven100 said:

what a load of hogwash ....   hang some condoms on the line

I just asked my gf if this is true and done upcountry.


That would be a definite YES including some age limitations and restrictions as to it's effectiveness....


I cannot comment further.

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