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Another boat capsizes in southern Thailand: One dead - captain missing - six tourists saved


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Another boat capsizes in southern Thailand: One dead - captain missing - six tourists saved



Picture: Sanook


A medium sized long tail boat out looking for pink dolphins off the coast of Khanom in Nakhon Sri Thammarat capsized yesterday. 


It was the latest tragedy at sea in Thailand that has seen many incidents in recent weeks, notes Thaivisa.


There was one captain and seven tourists aboard. 


Boats in the area plucked six of the tourists from the sea. They were all wearing life jackets. 


A 54 year old man drowned and was retrieved later. 


The 63 year old captain from Khanom is missing and his fate is unknown, said Pol Col Thewet Pleumsut chief of the local police who are investigating. 


All six of those saved were from the same family from Ayuthaya. They were visiting relatives in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. 


Boat personnel in the area three kilometers offshore said a sudden squall developed causing high waves capsizing the long boat.


Those wearing life jackets could be saved. 


Source: Sanook




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41 minutes ago, RickG16 said:

Not sure... and I'm not sure why it is funny to you to be honest 🤔


Sad story. 

Yeah, it´s very funny. At least it looks like 6 had the intelligence to wear life jackets. Something that has been known to save life since they were invented. Two unfortuntely believed they would float without jacket nor the knowledge how to swim as it seems.

What+s funny with that is that mankind still haven´t learned that stupidity kills. Just look at the cat.

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IMO those boats are not designed for ocean waves, and I never went on one that went so far from shore that I couldn't swim to it.

I was put off using them decades ago by the news item that one had been stranded overnight when the engine failed. They don't carry radios, flare guns or any other safety gear. I'm surprised the tourists even had life jackets.

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