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ThailandPlus: Tracking app now mandatory for foreign tourists

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What about tourists who do not have a mobile phone? What about tourists who do not have an Internet connection to their phone? No consideration of these people.

That's not good! Probably work as well as the online 90 day reporting site.   I assume the app will be required by returning Farang "residence" as well. How many of them don't use smart phon

ThailandPlus: Tracking app now mandatory for foreign tourists   Image: Thailand PRD   Foreign tourists who have received the certificate of entry to Thailand are now required

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2 minutes ago, Oldie said:

This is no problem. You simply stay in your hotel room so that we know where you are and where you have been. 



Highly unlikely. Go track a dog but you won't track me.

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What let they think, Farang are all stupid and can tell them any BS?

That is the Best way to fulfil the wet dream of Immigration which told last:

Farang, we want to know where You are!

But not due to Corona. That would work only if everybody in the country would have to install this App.

They should go shopping themself to see how the Thai (and also some Farang) use the Thermometer, log in/out books or this Thai Mor Chana App.

Thais don't get Corona? Was that only Burmese last month?

I just moved from TH to Singapore. What a nice Quarantaine. Can Order Outside Food and Drinks whatever You want.

The we use all the Tracetogether App. Where ever you enter a public place, Mall, Restaurant, you must show to a guard that you have checked in. This App trace via Bluetooth with whome you had contact.

It even calculate risk Level by the duration of contact. I have about thousand contacts a Day if I go shopping. This App show that number online.

Only if someone got covid then they trace all his/her Bluetooth contacts and send a msg to your own Phone. And even if Oma don't have an own Mobile (what is meanwhile difficult to believe in TH) then the People around her will know.

That way can accept if every body has to do. Then it can help to stop an outbreak by warning immidiatly all other.


But not the few thousand Farang in TH only. And they should not tell that they want to protect us!!!



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2 hours ago, ben2talk said:

Interesting the way that most Thai's, even those with smartphones, tend to opt to scribble their name on a book instead of scanning in with apps everywhere...

you don't need to be an information security expert to understand that no one would ever read these countless books :D


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