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North East: jealous drug crazed husband slashes wife to death, puts her in sack and dumps her in the pond


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Picture: Sanook


Kamalasai police captain Watcharin Mirae was called to the village of Ban Bung Hai after relatives of a woman found her floating in a pond in a sack around 9.30 pm on Tuesday. 


Dead at the scene in a sarong and red shirt was 29 year old New. The upper part of her body was in the sack and both that and her hands were bound with electrical cord. She had head injuries caused by a knife.


Investigators were soon at the home of Montree, the victim's husband, who admitted the couple had argued the previous evening (Monday) and he had killed her.


He showed them the bloodstains in the bedroom and an Itoh knife covered in blood. 


Bangorn, 43, the suspect's aunt, said they had heard arguments but this was nothing unusual. 


After all Montree was a habitual wife beater and drug taker who beat her every day after going berserk from paranoid delusions. 


However, she did acknowledge to Sanook that things had escalated recently.


Tun, 48, another relative said they had gone to the house after New went missing and Montree said he'd killed her and dumped her in the pond.


They didn't believe him at first till they checked and called the police.


The cops said that this was a case of jealousy brought on by paranoid delusions from drug taking.


Investigations continue.



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