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Thai netizens mostly endorse Thaksin’s vow to return

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I did't see him forking out some, little some, of his vast fortune to help any Thai people during this harsh economic times either by helping with food or god forbid try to buy some vaccines on the op

I agree that had he been at the helm Thailand would not be in the pathetic mess it is in now, all caused by incompetent people acting as politicians. I am not sure the coup fan boys will agree !

Well, it doesn't look like those who have made a fortune on the back of people since the 2006 coup have been helpful either........

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The hashtag #พี่โทนี่กลับไทยแน่ (Tony’s definitely coming back to Thailand) was trending on Twitter Wednesday

Trending on twitter thanks to a paid bots by the looks of it.


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1 hour ago, pegman said:

It's been mostly all down hill since that nite in May/2014 when sweetie and I were told by a movie house manager that they were closed because the army was in the streets. My first and so far only  coup d'état. 

3 for us, a 4th would not be a surprise.

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5 minutes ago, scorecard said:

Further, most of the big pharma are fully listed on various stock exchanges, with many shareholders holding very big parcels of shares, all for a specific reason; very strong return on investment and that also means massive greed.


Many of these shareholders have zero interest in ethics or morals, they strongly/ruthlessly expect the paid management to take/create many opportunities to make big sales for revenues/margin and to help increase share prices and annual returns to shareholders.


If the paid management aren't playing the role as above the shareholders at AGMs/extra shareholders meetings will get very angry with paid management and have no hesitation to vote to change the paid management on the spot.  


Extra massive sales outside of ethics is a given / is expected.


I recall a point in a project in Japan, the management had decided that they needed to urgently change the structure/strategies of the company and they did.


Sales in the next 30 days slumped by just a few %, but the data/trends showed that sales would return and increase within 60 days. The major shareholders decided to call an AGM to be held in the next 48 hours. I am my snr. consultants attended the meeting and we listened to continuous translations of the meeting dialogue.


At the AGM shareholders displayed extreme anger and several threatened the paid management with death, and they had their paid always present ruthless & frightening mafia with them at the meeting.


The paid management very quickly resigned. Several of the major shareholders present quickly presented new candidates, all the candidates were quickly duly elected and started work on the spot with newly given strategies, goals and targets, much bigger than before.


Near the end of the meeting one of the very angry big shareholders asked for a vote to immediately remove me and my consulting company, a vote happened and was passed. I and my company were then mentioned by name by the shareholder who had asked for the vote, we were told in strong language to leave the meeting immediately and never return to the company premises. The Japanese translators with heads buried in their upturned coat collars ran quickly from the room and into taxis and gone.


It happens.


and i have one word to add to that :   Statins 

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9 minutes ago, Thailand said:

No way is Thaksin coming back unless there is permission from certain quarters and the bounty on his head removed.

And yes, if an election was free and fair anybody but the current incumbents would win it but not going to happen-unless!

you're right.   and that "unless"  is a 5000000 to 1  shot.    Heck,  the populace here run at the first sound of a sneeze .     Just think what the sound of a gun firing would do !

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13 minutes ago, brucegoniners said:

The man is as corrupt as the day is long, but under his leadership this thing would have never spun out of control.


He's an intelligent man. The current PM is not.

Thailand needs some candidates but they are all either linked to this guy the ccp or the military.


Thailand needs decent honest balanced alternative to do right by them once and for all.

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1 hour ago, pegman said:

It's been mostly all down hill since that nite in May/2014 when sweetie and I were told by a movie house manager that they were closed because the army was in the streets. My first and so far only  coup d'état. 

yes. I was there at that time sitting in a bar.  I never saw Thai people so scared.  I mean some were turning out the lights, closing the doors, really afraid of the military or police coming down hard.  Remember the 7-11s putting news paper sheets on all the windows.  I found a little massage place still quietly open on Soi Honey I think it was and passed some time there before going back to my hotel Intown Holiday. 


  I do also remember the yellow or red shirt marches that panicked some people earlier.

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