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Thai industry group scales down tourism forecast, says 3 million jobs lost

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40 Million down to 280,000. And most of those aren't really tourists, just people returning from overseas. That's quite a hit.   3 million jobs lost.   Lucky that tourism isn't rea

So 40,000 international arrivals July to September, guess that leaves 240,000 for October to December.    Dropping to 7 days quarantine is not going to increase travellers x 6 needed for tha

someone using that calculator again with the sticky buttons   unless they dump the sandbox red tape including rip off SHA hotels and tests and all the rest plus open pubs and entertainment -

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10 minutes ago, smedly said:

not a chance in hell, they are dreaming


Phuket has ground to a halt from the start of Sept and they still aren't getting it

Agree there's little chance of those numbers.   However, the situation with Phuket arrivals hasn't changed radically, with an average of some 400 people arriving (internationally) every day, only slightly less than the beginning of July.

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1 minute ago, spidermike007 said:

It does have it's own class. And the leaders would likely refer to them as "the uncounted 60%, of the unbathed masses".

Secretly, these resident and long-term uncounted are desired and preferred by the faux authoritarians and xenophobically created ruling elite regarding positive cycling of the economy. On the surface, contradicting and unfriendly policies certainly conflict any hidden flattery - as the long-term/residency requirements become tighter and more convoluted with each advancing year. 

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Tourist arrivals in July 18000 and August 15000 according to Mots.co.th.


I guess more than half were to Phuket sandbox.


Maybe they will get a little more with sandboxes in BKK and Payyaya in Nov-dec but not 40000 per month with all that redtape.

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3 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

I wonder how many of those are real tourists, not returnees? But of course, they all need hotelrooms... 

For a couple of weeks.

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