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Experts say SEA media freedom, viability and safety threatened during pandemic


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COVID-19 has aggravated the issue of press freedom, media business viability and journalist safety around Southeast Asia, according to a panel of experts speaking during a webinar held Tuesday by the Public Media Alliance (PMA).


The pandemic has provided governments with an opportunity to increase regulation of the media, citing the necessity to control “inaccurate” information. One of the recurrent themes emerging around the region is the government’s labelling of media coverage as “fake news” when it reports on official mishandling of the situation, the webinar heard.


Panellist Dr. Jessada Salathong emphasised the importance of fact-checking, to maintain the media’s role, and in resistance to the “fake news” allegation.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/experts-say-sea-media-freedom-viability-and-safety-threatened-during-pandemic/


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33 minutes ago, Thaiwrath said:

Don't blame Covid here for lack of press freedom, in Thailand it all started around May 22nd 2014 and has got gradually worse since the country was illegally taken over.

Actually, it goes farther back than 2014. 

Several decades. 

Understanding contemporary Thai history might help.



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The way that Covid19 has been used as an excuse to reduce freedoms and interfere with individual liberties hasn't even been subtle.


Don't expect these things to be handed back either. Especially with the tyrants in charge of many SEA countries, including this one.

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