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MoPH officials visit southern provinces after spike in Covid-19 cases

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Picture: INN


Dr Kiatphoom Wongjarit led a delegation of Ministry of Public Health officials to Yala and Pattani yesterday in the far south of Thailand.


This followed a spike in cases in those provinces and Naratiwas and Songkhla that were collectively seeing 1,900 to 2,000 new infections per day.


This was bucking the trend in Thailand in general and was of concern to PM Prayuth Chan-ocha, said Kiatphoom.


He blamed a rise in community activities for the spike and called on authorities there to impose appropriate measures and a clear action plan, reported INN.


One member of the entourage said that they hoped to have the situation under control in the far south in the next one to two months. 


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22 minutes ago, ukrules said:

What's different about 'down south' compared to the rest of the country?


They must be doing something very wrong for it to spread like this, do they have a curfew in place?

I live in the deep south and, yes, we do have a 10 PM to 4 AM curfew.

The thing that is different here is in one word: muslims. They like to touch each other, don't wear masks or get vaccinated as much as people elsewhere.

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Yes the case of some people who will not get vaccinated is their beliefs. That is a problem

in many parts of the world. I know of some Mennonites and Hutterites, and some other faiths 

who are using their brand of religious beliefs as a reason not to get a vaccination. In my view

I guess they all have the freedom to die of COVID. As long as they stay in their parts of the world

and do not mingle with other people or travel, okay then. I believe that some variant of COVID 

will be in the world for the rest of our lives.


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6 hours ago, Stargrazer9889 said:

Yes the case of some people who will not get vaccinated is their beliefs. That is a problem

Chance would be a f$%king fine thing. Blaming the rise on "community activities for the spike" is only part of the equation, the other is the total inadequate supply of vaccines to the south. Bangkok, Phuket, Samui etc have been the focus, the south has not. Then the government goes ahead and opens up interprovincial travel which only serves to further the spread the virus.

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