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How to reach United Credit Card Int'l Collect Call No. for Fraud Issues

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I live in Chiang Mai.  I received a few days ago a fraud alert from United Credit Card and giving me two (what appears to be) contradictory choice 'buttons' to select.  I selected the one that seemed most reasonable, and now I'm locked out of my account.  I tried to call the int'l collect no. on back of my card, but reach a Thai operator that says 'this no. doesn't exist.'  How to reach United quickly?

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Not 100% certain, but I believe you want to reach an international operator by dialing 110 on your phone.  Then give the operator the number on your credit card (not they 800 number but the regular long distance number) and tell them it's a collect call.  They should connect you.


Do please post back if you are able to connect using this method.


Otherwise, as Danderman said, Skype should also work.  Other VoIP services too. 

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