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COVID-19 Spreads Fast in Far South

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BANGKOK, Oct 11 (TNA) – Southern border provinces face worse COVID-19 outbreaks than greater Bangkok and the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) urged local people to seek vaccinations because 60% of new fatalities in the far South never received a COVID-19 jab.


CCSA’s assistant spokesperson Dr. Apisamai Srirangson said a small number of people in southern border provinces had been vaccinated against COVID-19.


The COVID-19 infection rate was 22% in southern border provinces while the rate in greater Bangkok stood at 19%, she said.


Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-801593


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10 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

wait, what?!


40% had been jabbed and still died?


jabbed with which vaccine?

now now, stop being logical and asking the obvious questions. Just as I would add that the article said  the infection rate was 19 vs 22 %.  Not a big difference.



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Is the far south getting their vaccines, but not wanting them?  I would like to hear the whole story behind

the situation. If it is because they  are Muslim and do not want the vaccines, well I guess they are all

free to die, just like a few of my relatives that will not get the vaccine here in Canada. I will never understand

why people have had vaccines as children for many diseases, but now as adults, they will not.


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I feel saddened by what has happened to my fellow residents in the deep south. I pray to God that people can accept the available vaccines in their hearts and minds and that the provinces may reopen to tourists soon.

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24 minutes ago, unblocktheplanet said:

What does "infection rate" mean? Percentage of positive cases from active testing, walk-in testing, ATK? (Yikes--percentage in the general population?!?)

Its not very clear I agree but in this instance they are referring to the daily positive case count of all PCR tests. The southern border provinces now make up a total of 22% of daily cases as opposed to Bangkok and its 5 bordering Provinces which make up 19%.. The rest is made up of all other Provinces

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