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Etihad Insurance Requirements Different than COE

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On the Etihad airlines website is says:

"Show proof of travel insurance - exemptions apply

If you are entering or transiting through Thailand, you must have health insurance for medical expenses with coverage of at least USD 100,000 that covers the total duration of your stay. You are exempted if you are a national of Thailand or transiting Thailand without disembarking the aircraft."


My Thailand COVID-19 insurance policy, not general health insurance, expires in April 11, 2022. My permission stay ends 17 Jan. 2022, based on "O" retirement. My return flights is April 28, 2022. I do have a COE.. My understanding was that only COVID-19 insurance is needed and only up to the end of the re-entry permit permission stay date. Do plan to ask for another year extension in December 2021.


Has anyone been involved in a similar situation with Etihad where the return flight is later than the extension of stay, and the insurance policy is ends before the return flight?

Will there be complications with boarding or denial of boarding?

Any recommendations or advice?


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The covid 19 insurance only needs to valid to the date you will be stamped into the country when entering the country. Which will be January 17th of 2022 in your case.

Your return flight date means nothing at this time.


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