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Fire rages at Bangkok area shoe factory for three hours - under control now but 100m damage


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Picture: Thai Rath


Bang Kaew police were informed of a fire at a shoe factory called Watana Footwear in soi 9/1 King Kaew Road, Bang Plee, Samut Prakan at 9 pm last night, reported Thai Rath.


Twenty fire engines attended and firement fought the blaze - fueled by chemicals, thinner and gas - for three hours before it subsided.


Water had to be sprayed at the adjacent Walker Inter Co Ltd also.


By 11.30 pm there was just smoke and damping down operations began at the site.


A wide area - thought to be an extension of the main building due to Fire Department information - was damaged and the cost is expected to be in the 100 million baht range.


At least two people were injured.


Ken Thairos, 56, a security man said that the factory closed for the day earlier in the evening and everyone had gone home except for him and a security colleague.


He said he smelt acrid smoke and went to investigate. They tried to extinguish the blaze but it soon proved too much.


With a large amount of equipment and chemicals in the factory he quickly alerted the police who contacted fire services. 



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