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Flights from five countries set to land at Hua Hin Airport


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Greater Bay Airlines has been granted an Air Operator's Certificate but is waiting for its air transport licence to operate regular schedule flights. The other carrier from "South China" is Hong Kong Express. Mainland China is not starting regular flights to Hua Hin. As @Wildliferescuenoted the Chinese can't travel


Not starting operations until the first quarter of 2022




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6 minutes ago, Will B Good said:

Brilliant.......all they need now is passengers and they are good to go.

but I thought all they could muster up was a few tuk tuks and flip flop Malaysians at the border   ?

am i missing something,   was there others coming .....

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before covid there was only one international flight, from KL. I think 1-2x per week.

I think at that time there wasn't any domestic flights.


earlier on there was the only connection to CM, ever second day.


The latest news from AOT that 80% international slots abandoned for 5 months


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1 hour ago, Wildliferescue said:

China…. The country where their government told them they can’t travel anywhere before the end of 2022. India, really….. why

One wont come, and the other is banned from coming. 


May as well declare it open for landing planes for every country on the planet, but not for tourists from the countries they are flying from !

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More Bull; China isn't letting anyone out and they are bringing Hong Kong under th same ruling shortly.   Boss of Air Asia says no International Flights will be happening until at least February, only internal flying for now.


They just can't stop trying to play themselves up; Idiots !

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