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Police in Chonburi search for person deliberately putting screws on roads

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Check out the local tyre companies maybe trying to drum up a little business ....LOL - But seriously this is a dangerous thing to happen as many people could be at risk, I really hope against all odds it was not intentional 

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33 minutes ago, Geoffggi said:

Check out the local tyre companies maybe trying to drum up a little business ....LOL

You laugh but this actually happened in Hua Hin a few years ago; the owner of a repair shop was found to be responsible for throwing tacks across the road in order to drum up business.


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I was getting very frustrated at the number of punctures i was getting in both cars, always pointed screws, in the Pattaya area. I used to get them repaired by a local shop but suspected he was gloating rather too much and the charges varied from 50 baht to over 300 for a quickie repair.

So i went to a very well known larger tyre operation nearby and they repaired this type of puncture for free. I complained to them about how many punctures I was getting and they were not at all surprised. I asked how many times they repaired tyres with screw punctures and they said 20 to 30 every day!! 

It is also my opinion that a local repair shop is the culprit.

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4 hours ago, soi3eddie said:

If deliberate. The person clearly has something (or lot of things) loose! I suspect the items could have fallen of the back of a truck.

Maybe bounced out after the truck hit manhole covers, bumps, pot holes and other things that make rides uncomfortable... was thinking that on Sukhumvit only today. 

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2 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

It's actually happened a number of times in Thailand.... always found to be a local tyre shop. 


Without certainty but a high level of ‘I reckon’....  I reckon this will be one of the nearby tyre shops.....


This stuff is always ‘copy cat’....    there is always a degree of consistency to this stuff, just like the accidents, blame the ‘slippy road’ or blame ‘brake failure’ !!!.... 



Somebody with a screw loose no doubt 

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