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Hair says it all

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“No living creature is naturally greedy, except from fear of want - or in the case of human beings, from vanity, the notion that you're better than people if you can display more superfluous property than they can.” - Thomas More.

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On 11/26/2021 at 10:50 AM, BangkokReady said:

In a culture where looks are so important, it's hardly surprising.

strange that in Thailand looks are so important.  you would think that i would be the opposite. 

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24 minutes ago, expat_4_life said:

My hair dyeing adventures began when people started saying "OK Boomer"..

lemon juice your hair and stand in the sun wearing board shorts...surf blonde beats all

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I just stick with the silver fox look I have . Makes me more distinguished 😄

But while watching the f1 the last weekend and seeing a clip again from it , I think mr beckham has gone down this route of colouring his hair as his hair wasn’t too bad but his eyebrows and beard looked like they were done with a tin of spray paint ! 

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