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Nong Khai border reopening imminent?

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This article reports that the TAT is starting a major campaign to attract Chinese tourists travelling via the Chinese-Lao railway (via Vientiane) into Thailand via Nong Khai. Clearly, this only makes sense if the Vientiane/Nong Khai border is open. Has anyone seen supporting evidence that this is going to happen? Presumably, it would need to use Test & Go with an initial one night stay in a SHA++ hotel in, say, Nong Khai or Udon Thani.


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I have not seen anything about it.

It is missing the 2nd test on day 5 in that article.

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14 hours ago, thaiman said:

The border is and has been open for awhile through the delightful "happy" quarantine scheme only.

It was only for those for those able to get a special pass from the embassy for entry to Thailand.

At this time is still a 14 day quarantine at land border crossings as of today.

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This is copy and paste from some Laos Facebook groups. Phase 1 of reopening to tourists under the Green Zone scheme is originally intended to be January to March, I think, and only for group tours under quite strict travel conditions.

Under the new Lao Green zone Scheme, travel is limited to tours & green zones. (See Q&A below) The tourist e-visas provided are NOT transferable to multiple entry with stay permit. You must register with a green zone tour agency to arrange all of your trip as a tourist. From January 1st 2022 you arrive at a pre-arranged quarantine hotel and as part of an approved tour group. You will be tested for Covid and have to wait for the negative result. You then ‘quarantine’ as a mobile group only visiting approved locations and accommodations for 14 days. Further travels are restricted as well.
—— Green zone Q&A for tourism only ——
The green zone travel entry option is still in the process of training and refining all the rules and restrictions for travelers during the 3 phase reopening process (Q1, Q2 & Q3 2022)
However, there are 3 things you should keep in mind:
(1) Reopening program focuses on tourism purpose only.
(2) Any places you visit need to be included in the safety list and certified by the government.
(3) Anywhere you go, you need to go with the tour guide and driver. You cannot go out and wave down any drivers on the street and go with them.
Here are some questions that we usually have from the travelers.
1. Can I come to Laos to work or live based on tourism scheme?
>> The answer is a big "NO". The program is for tourism purpose only. If you plan to come to Laos to work or live, you need to come based on the COE + visa program. Contact us for more detail.
2. Can I visit the embassy?
>> The answer is no. No embassy is certified to receive tourists at their building.
3. Can I visit my husband / wife at their house?
>> The same answer as #2. No private house is included in the safety list.
4. Can I go to restaurants or market by myself?
>> No, you cannot. Everywhere you go, you will be escorted by your guide and driver. Moreover, the restaurants or markets that you visit need to be included in the safety list.
5. Can I have guests visiting me at my hotel?
>> This varies by the hotel policies. Most hotels will let you have guess visiting at the hotel's restaurant or bar or reception area. Very few hotels will let you have a guest in your room.
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For the foreseeable future no Chinese tourists to expect.

Chinese returning from abroad (if allowed to travel at all) strictly have to undergo 14 day quarantine.

That even applies to airline staff. Just read an article about a "hero pilot" who served about half of the year in quarantine. One return flight -> 14 day quarantine.


The ridiculous Chinese zero Covid policy will become a big big fail and will cost more trillions to world economy. Have you read about the terrible conditions for the forthcoming winter Olympics?

Not sure whether I want to watch those ghost games.


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On 1/23/2022 at 10:08 AM, ubonjoe said:

I have not seen anything about it.

It is missing the 2nd test on day 5 in that article.

Would that entry allow foreigners from Europe or US as well?

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4 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

The ridiculous Chinese zero Covid policy will become a big big fail and will cost more trillions to world economy

People have been saying for over 18 months that China's zero Covid policy was doomed to fail. The reality is virtually zero mortality from Covid over that period, an economy growing, China's international competitiveness improving, schools open, almost no restrictions on everyday life except for the restrictions on overseas travel. Maybe, in the end, people will be right, and SARS-CoV-2 will become endemic in China as in most other places, but there is no evidence of that yet. Also, blaming China for the economic woes of countries that have not controlled Covid is mostly unfair. China is working and exporting. There is much about China that I do not like, but the rest of the world could, and should, have learned from China's approach to containing Covid.

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