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Convert Non-Imm B to Non-Imm O-A in Thailand

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Hi guys, do you know the process of converting a Non-Immigrant B visa to a Non-Immigrant O-A within Thailand?

I have been working in Thailand for many years under Non-B but now I am retiring I want to convert my visa to Non-Imm O-A when I stop working (1 year visa but preferably 5 years if possible).

Can I do that without having to leave and re-enter Thailand?
Has someone done that before?



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You can only apply for one year extension of stay while in the country. A OA visa is only issued at a Thai embassy or official consulate in home country or country of legal residence.

You change your the reason for your extension of stay based upon working to retirement at immigration.

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12 minutes ago, EricTh said:

Why not change to O visa based on retirement instead of O-A?

He does not need to do that. He can apply for a extension of stay based upon retirement at immigration. See my previous post.

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4 hours ago, Real Name Hidden said:

I have a Non-Imm B that's been extended 10 times for reason of retirement. 

Strange, I thought Non-Imm B is only for work permit.



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