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Marriage infidelity: Thai man pretends he's attending family wedding but ties knot with "mia noi"


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7 hours ago, webfact said:

"That's just the way I am".

She should reply:

This is the way it's going to go... my lawyer will be in contact.

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16 hours ago, webfact said:

When he was in bed she took a look and all was revealed - he had another Facebook account and there were damning pictures of him getting married and in the marital bed with the other women.

Facebook... idiot.

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I'm confused also, I know many Thai men that have 2 wives, most all get along fine together, often all get together both wives and kids from both


2 houses down the Village her husband comes most days for a hour of 3, but is always with is 1st wife at night,  1st wife son is 23. the 2 girls in the Village are now 19 and the other is 20.  they were babies when I moved here.....  the 1st son often also comes [how do you call her? dads 2nd wife]   there are at least 3 others I know with the same set up

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