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What's the fair family support?

Mark Wild

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6 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Women are biologically designed to protect and support their bloodline.

Her children, siblings, parents, distant relatives ......... you will never be part of that bloodline.

I have a family too and we also take good care of each other if the need arises, which also means I have all my life carried that lovely feeling that if things went wrong for me there has always been family who would see me back on my feet 

Not difficult to see why in a nation fashioned as Thailand is, why family connections are so important.

So how to mix and match, well convince your partner that you are going to stick around is a good start, which kinda means not creating a huge stink and threaten to leave because the in laws have requested a helping hand, that actually you can easily afford!!


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It is very interesting how Thais deal with this and how they reason without any logic. I remember that when I started dating my soon to be ex / mother of my child, she would live in a cheap small room and live off less than 12K (of which 3K room, 3K education debt, 2K family visits) without any problems (while also needing to work 5-6 days a week and losing 12 hours incl traffic).

Now she doesn't need to work, lives in a 5 bedroom house, I pay all bills including her internet, netflix and more. I also pay for her motorbike maintenance and other things she breaks as of being careless. I pay everything for my son too, I give her some additional money of 5K and still she claims it is not enough. She says food alone would cost at least 10K, and that I only pay for my son and give her a little (ignoring the fact of 20K rent, 5K utilities, 5K other bills, 20K my son and school, 5K average on all other drama and unexpected costs as broken motorbikes, phones, glasses etc).

How did that became possible? She sits on her <deleted> all day and orders food by grab. When her parents come over she suddenly buys loads of food for just 1K baht at the market, lasting 4 people a week, cleans in time and behaves like a perfect Thai girl. 

My point? They adjust very fast when you give away, and then want to live higher standards thus needing more and more. Ask yourself, if you were Thai or just a teacher and already need to support her and a kid (nearly impossible if wanting somewhat decent standards), you wouldn't be able to send more than 2-3K a month to family, that would even be a lot. 

Best thing to do is by pretending you simply lost income due to a partly loss of business or the like and get it back to normal low standards, and stick to that regardless of what they say. I personally also deleted my Facebook to avoid family members asking me. 

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