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Covid in Thailand: Quarantine for close contacts set to change from 7+3 to 5+5 days


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So what is the difference??? 7+3 is 10 and 5+5 is 10 too......Oh no..Math is not for the politicians as the numbers of tourists always spike, billions are spend during holidays, cases of Covid can't beyond 25.000 a day and so on...

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1 hour ago, RandiRona said:

"It is now 5 days quarantine and 5 days observation of symptoms, a change from the 7+3 before"


I know they reduced Quarantine by 2 days but why need to increase observation to 5?? 

I guess they just want to ensure that they reach double digit(10) just like Lottery numbers...So dumb!!

I hope you are qualified to make such judgement, or was it just something you needed to spit out together with the morning coffée?

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when was this meeting and since when this new rule starts?

sound as it was today and from today.

From what is known for many months, that contact tracing is abandoned all together.

When my stepson was sick at home, nobody from family had to quarantine. His wife and daughter just moved to neighbour house for some 5 days.

With so many infections, and most of them very mild, there is no way to trace even sick people.


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I know several Thais (close family) who havd tested for covid and happily going on about their daily lives

One still is infectiousand is at the market as we speak

Ye gods ...tis a well dangerous world out there

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At the start quarantine was 14 days, now its 10. so 7 and 3 or 5 and 5. what ever. Of course you could 

listen to some non medical person who says 5 days is enough, up to you to believe them.

  My sister is recovering and at day 6 she still tested positive, with the rapid test kit.

  Ok over to you arm chair experts.

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