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Thai Covid-19 Situation Center agrees to restore nationwide green zones, cancel Thailand Pass, eases mask mandate, and more


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15 minutes ago, huangnon said:

Ooh, they really are hanging on to this little nugget, aren't they?  🤪

Good that they never set exact rules about type of mask :whistling:

I wear an alibi model with the least obstruction of breath.

In Germany they had forced "FFP2" masks.

Hell, wear them for an hour in hot climate!


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48 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

They already announced last month, that the mask mandate for outdoors would be lifted on June 15th. Then, they changed their minds. So, if this really happens, it will be HUGE. Life will be a bit more normal without having to wear face diapers everywhere we go.


I have already stopped wearing a mask outdoors. Enough. That is on a cowardly administration, that has deliberately chosen to NOT pay attention to, nor follow the science. I have chosen to be disobedient. They made the announcement, then they changed their small minds. That is not on me.

Saw someone today try and enter the hospital I go to for my Dental treatment, They kindly asked him at the front doors to put a mask on, when he said he did not have one they provided him with one.  So the issue now becomes one of if you go out and about and then want to enter a building or place that still requires them, then you SOL if you do not have one and they do not provide them to you.

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44 minutes ago, Glassjaw said:


Well then we were not the vast majority, of course we did not need to be hospitalized, but it was a miserable 2 weeks........3 months later the GF is still loosing hair in bunches, and its hard for her to run without having deep lung issues.

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As the linked article also says temp sensors no longer required, Thailand should be back to 'normal' fom 1 July...


...well except the mask rule is still up in the air. So close but no cigar 😞 


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1 hour ago, G Rex said:

Wow ! Some things may change on July 1st - but plenty of time for flip flopping between now and then…

Yes until its in the Royal Gazette you are correct.

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