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Video: "Man with famous surname" shoots motorcyclist in road rage incident - sister bails him out for 300K


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To think that several years ago Farangs were banned from owning firearms as they were deemed not to be trustworthy.....:whistling:

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3 hours ago, 2long said:

It was nice of the guys to film this, but one of them could have used his phone to call the police!

I thought the same thing.

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3 hours ago, smedly said:

it is attempted murder, why is this lunatic allowed to be out

300,000 baht!

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Family connections with power and money this case will go away pretty quickly a few envelopes given out to all parties involved  🥳 

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4 hours ago, worgeordie said:

"She admitted he drinks, but not to excess."

except this night , alcohol to excess and guns

don't mix.

regards Worgeordie

Wai will fix all 555

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1 hour ago, wandasloan said:

Uh-huh. Sure. Yet the Aseannow rewriter and Daily News police reporter and the Daily News publisher and you all have one thing in common - you all have absolutely no idea if the man is "rich and connected". Where 'absolutely' is an absolute word.

 You, Mister Pyjamas, have no idea of who the man is. You haven't a clue of whether he is 'rich and connected'. You don't even know his name - which is why you won't write it.

 This story is a picture-perfect example of uninformed misinformation and lies and you are the latest uninformed story-fabricator in a string of them.


Who’s cares what his name is? If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck yes It’s a duck or in this case psychopathic duck that is likely a repeat offender. And let’s be honest here to say he likely has some connections would not be too much of a stretch. Being well connected and getting off is not exactly a rarity in Thailand. Whatever the case, the fear that biker must have endured I can’t imagine. 

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