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Surviving victims of Mountain B fire say pub had one exit while compensation for victims promised


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PHOTO: Sawang Rojjana Sathan Sattahip


By Goongnang Suksawat


Pattaya — Several surviving victims of the Mountain B club fire said that the sound-absorbing foam panels in the ceiling caught fire, melted, and fell on the pubgoers below, killing 14 people who could not escape through a sole exit at the front of the pub.


A female surviving victim of the Mountain B fire that as of now killed 14 people, including 13 inside the pub and 1 at a hospital, has come out to voice her gruesome experience while hanging out inside the pub before all hell broke loose.


“I was drinking with my friend inside Mountain B,” the victim told a famous TV host. “It was around midnight; the pub was fairly dark, but not so crowded. I sat with my back facing a musical stage, drinking and chatting, and suddenly I heard a deafening blast that turned every head to the stage where the band also came to a halt.”


Sustaining no injuries, the surviving victim continued, “This was when it happened. A chunk of ceiling covered in flame fell onto the stage and was followed by several other pieces, all were in flame like fire rain. My friend and I were able to escape through the front gate because we sat very close to it, but many others near the stage could not make it.”


Full story: https://thephuketexpress.com/2022/08/05/surviving-victims-of-mountain-b-fire-say-pub-had-one-exit-while-compensation-for-victims-promised/


-- © Copyright The Phuket Express 2022-08-06

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16 minutes ago, Excel said:

Other media are reporting that of the fatalities, 3 were minors.

There was a list on Thai TV last night... I saw a 17yo on it,

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9 minutes ago, Purdey said:

Wondering if the manager escaped unhurt. 

It was a manageress and she  gave a media briefing as reported on here elsewhere and she was unhurt.

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3 hours ago, law ling said:

From the linked article:


"this venue was illegally built, did not possess a proper license, and was forcefully shut down multiple times for violating the legal opening hours."


... the more we learn about this event, the more appaling it becomes ... the local police seem to be not doing their job?

To the best of my knowledge, the enforcement of construction and fire safety codes and verifying adherence to business licensing requirements are not police functions. Those are generally speaking governmental administrative functions.


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As most of us here on Thai visa know safety first is not a priority here in Thailand whether it be driving,  night clubs, hotels ect 

Money comes  first 

Plus the compensation being paid out to those dead injured

  is pathetic 😒 

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On 8/6/2022 at 9:52 AM, Excel said:

Really ? The RTP's main aspirations and  job in this country is not to protect, rather it is to extort money in any and every way possible to ensure the money percolates to the very very top.  Looks like they have been doing their job only to well to allow it to keep opening after the claimed multiple shutdowns.


Sorry about the sarcasm in what is a terrible and avoidable tragedy and my condolences to those families who have now lost loved ones but it is yet another illustration of how absolute corruption permeates through Thai society to such an extent human life is considered of little value compared to holding Thai baht in their hands.

There should be an identity which is completely alien to either Police or Military, where operators of any business can report in complete secracy any coersion on behalf of either of these two authorities. With complete acess to any further action on behalf of their report.

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