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Chiang Mai abbot fell in love - transfers 100,000 baht from temple funds but can't find her


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Sanook Thai Caption: Love sick monk


Sanook reported on the case of an abbot at a temple in Sanpathong district of Chiang Mai who fell in love.


Then he transferred 100,000 baht from temple funds to the woman.


The abbot, aged 33, went to Suphanburi in central Thailand but failed to find the woman.


Locals reported him and the Buddhist affairs office in Chiang Mai have launched an investigation. 


The monk has been stood down for now.


Monthian Khukhammee said that the abbot has offered to repay the money but as it is a criminal offence it must be properly dealt with. 


The truth of the matter is being investigated. 



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7 minutes ago, Pla Simon said:

To be fair - she said she was a Nun.


Turns out she was just a habitual liar...

He should have known, all Nuns have a  habit.

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6 hours ago, worgeordie said:

If only , stealing Temple funds for his own desires ,there's not enough checks and

balances going on , not just in Buddhism , all religions I am sure will be at it, she

was most likely a Nigerian man ......


regards Worgeodie 

And a Prince to boot.

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On 11/29/2022 at 5:51 AM, HuskerDo2 said:

"the abbot has offered to repay the money".... where is he going to get the money to repay it? How much does an abbot earn? 

The Saffron Mafia will find a way........maybe sell his latest iphone and maserati?

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