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Before I complain....

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1 hour ago, ConnectionNotGuaranteed said:

We (parents) have just found out that the maths teacher in my daughters school is trying to persuade the pupils that the world is flat.


Before we (parents) complain to the school, I thought I would seek advise from the teachers in this forum.


Do you think this teacher is trying to push their boundaries of thinking? Is he using a mathematical theory or is he just a nutter?


I'm really not keen with someone believing the earth is flat, teaching my daughter anything.

I think you should take this initial report with a pinch of salt at first before escalating , not sure how old your kid is (which may determine the confidence levels in the report accuracy) but it may be a simple misunderstanding or, as you mention, they are trying to stimulate debate/critical thinking or maybe it's just an attempt a humour. 


If your kid comes back with similar reports again consistently over a few weeks or so, then I would suggest talking to the teacher directly.




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4 hours ago, 1FinickyOne said:

I had a basketball that would go flat and some tires too... 

So it has become an associated casualty of a flat earth. Wonder who deflated the world.....I know that's a loaded question....

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Is this teacher Thai or a foreigner?  More importantly, are they Buddhist?  I ask because in Buddhism cosmology there is the concept of a flat earth, with Mount Sumeru at the centre, surrounded by oceans.  Go too far towards the edge and you will 'fall off' and enter the realm of wailing ghosts.


So maybe this is a misunderstanding about real scientific facts/evidence and Buddist mumbo-jumbo.

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Just now, 1FinickyOne said:

you are joking - right??

No. Go watch one of their videos on YouTube or wherever. Filled full of very detailed arguments and data.


I think it may be a game for them even.

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As others have recommended, you should talk to the teacher before going to school administration.  There is a good chance that the students did not understand what he or she was saying and that this is all a misunderstanding.  Several years ago a friend asked his students to solve 'Einstein's puzzle' which talks about 5 neighbors of whom some smoke cigars, others drink whisky, etc..  The kids told their parents that their teacher was teaching them about smoking and drinking!


If, of course, he is a flat Earther, he should be fired immediately.  An idiot like that has no business teaching children.

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