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Pakistani Man Arrested in Patong for 3,270 Days of Overstay


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By Goongnang Suksawat

Phuket – A 35-year-old Pakistani man was arrested in Patong for 3,270 days of overstaying his legal visa conditions the Phuket Immigration Office told the Phuket Express.


They arrested Mr. Anjum Raza, a Pakistani National, on Phra Baramee Road in Patong yesterday (December 26th).


He is currently at 3,270 days of overstaying his legal visa, or almost nine years, to stay in Thailand according to the Phuket Immigration Office.


Full story: https://thephuketexpress.com/2022/12/27/pakistani-man-arrested-in-patong-for-3270-days-of-overstay/


-- © Copyright The Phuket Express 2022-12-28

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

3,270 days of overstaying

Business decision.  How much did he save?   Yes, you have to pay 20,000 baht and blacklisted as you go an overstay in another country, but he must still come up ahead.


I pay and forget about it.......let me guess..... let's say TEN years.    Remember, NO traveling to immigration, no money to make all those copies, no pictures.....that's 20 baht saved!!! lol.    


Anyhow, the stress of this day has to be worth something and it's cumulative stress.    Knock, knock.....OMG, heart races, until you find out it's Billy asking for another cig.  


Even if he saved 100,000 baht, minus 20,000.....80,000 over 10-years or 8000 a year to live in fear of the smart car!!!!!  up to you.

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There's a good chance there's a Chinese face behind that sheet. They're playing mind games with us now. If there's no nationality mentioned, they think we will believe it's Chinese. So they're breaking their own policy to mislead us all.

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