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An altercation took place on board a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata


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Had a similar situation on flight from Australia, and was asked on arrival to be a witness to police over a drunken man who was annoying and assaulting everyone around him. Disappointment of the year was when police at airport gave him 1000 baht fine and let him go. And even for that he wanted to appeal. He's lucky he was flying into Thailand, actually...


I wonder what would happen to this man flying into India. Are Indian police that forgiving? Hope not.

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Have this happen in JFK and god forbid what the other passengers will do to you and more importantly how fast you will be dragged off the plane on your backside. Lucky it happened in Thailand!

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4.3 million views......yea, everyone knows.


seems like just another day in Thailand, where people with absolutely no common sense, or hope, try riding a motorbike for the first time, fall in love with a ladyboy, and wear gold chains all night as if they are a superstar.  The next morning, they wake up with pain everywhere.   lol.    If wondering, I'm a 95 year old lady so try not to think this is me.  lol.  


Today I was getting some food at my local restaurant and the lady poured about 10000 liters of horrible oil in the pan.....I thought, "Well, if it's only 50 baht will my health understand?"   lol.


I am 99% sure things will go from bad to worse for the next few months..............................all those crazies stuck inside during COVID now allowed to be around humans again.........yea, it won't end well. lol

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