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'Living Nostradamus' warns Antichrist return in 2023

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Living Nostradamus' warns Antichrist will return in 2023 to mark 'beginning of the end'

Brazilian Athos Salomé, dubbed the 'Living Nostradamus' for his prophecies over the years including over Covid and the Ukraine invasion, has now warned that the Antichrist will return in 2023

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funny as the palm reader at the corner said all will be good in new years and nothing to worry about.... but again who cares

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Here are The Old Moore's Almanac predictions for 2023.




What are Old Moore’s Almanac predictions for 2023?
Here are the predictions Old Moore’s Almanac has made for 2023:


Atlantic event: An Atlantic event will affect the west coast of Ireland next year.


House prices: The rate at which house prices increase will slow, but they will still go up.


Asteroid: An asteroid will be “too close to comfort”.


Trump’s health: There will be a "severe health warning" for former US President Donald Trump.


Connectivity and the internet: The internet will suffer a global outage.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Harry and Meghan will face "marriage and money problems".


Pope: There will be a change in the Pope.


But still no lottery numbers.

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Ohhhh, Puh-Lee-ZZ.  Spare us the voodoo scare tactics, just to get in the news. He's a Living Nostra-dumb-ass maybe.  Sheesh!

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21 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

LOL. Some on here probably think a certain American politician is the antichrist.


However, given the most common interpretation of Revelations, the coming situation in a certain country has a possibility of fulfilling the criteria for Armageddon.

If Armageddon happens, the two posters that laughed at the above post won't be laughing much any more.

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