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Proof of Covid vaccines will be required again for ALL arrivals to Thailand


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26 minutes ago, Boomer6969 said:

Yes. Whether you travel or not.


25 minutes ago, NanLaew said:



But it's up to you.

Thanks chaps!  To be honest I'm aware that a booster is prudent for my personal circumstance but I'm still a bit concerned if it's a necessity for my upcoming trip.


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25 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

I've flown over 45,000 km across three continent's and in and out of half-a-dozen countries in five months

proves that


26 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

two shots is still considered "fully vaccinated".



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2 minutes ago, Seppius said:

I would guess the amount of travellers that have not been vaccinated these days is very low, and if you have not....


Well, pretty easy I would think to get a photoshop of two certificates, they never hardly checked them before, certainly not against any database. The airports will be so busy now, a quick glance is all they will get

Not a good idea , would be big trouble if caught 

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1 hour ago, rbkk said:

Genuine question: How long is a Covid-19 vaccine/booster "Valid" for travel? I'm off next week for a short trip and I've had 4 in total but the last booster was about 9 months ago. Do I now need a "Top-up?"



I'm off on Monday for a week in the US. My last vaccination was in March last year.

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Just now, ozimoron said:

I think you will be fine if you can prove you have had at least 2 vaccinations at any time. Just my opinion.

Sure hope so. Can't postpone the trip.


I have both the Mor Phrom app on my phone showing three vaccinations plus the yellow booklet issued by the MoH here showing same.

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1 hour ago, ozimoron said:

Good. Hospitals around the world are being overwhelmed again and Thailand doesn't want to follow suit.

As in every winter before "COVID" already.

Since 2020 the personal of the health sector was even more reduced, so it is obvious the hospitals can cope less and less every year with respiratory diseases and other seasonal things prevalent in winter.

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