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Pattaya: "Popular" British pensioner gunned down on way home after just returning from UK Xmas visit


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Picture: Thai Rath


A British pensioner was shot multiple times in the back by an unknown assailant as he was returning home on a motorcycle in the Pattaya area.


Neil Lewis Roger, 71, had told his close friend that he was off to have a drink with a friend in town. After buying some groceries he headed home to Huay Yai but was shot on the way at least 3 times.


He died in a pool of blood 2 KM from his home. His friend called him a popular man who had no known enemies. 


First reports of the shooting in Soi Khao Makork 1 came in to Pol Maj Prakasit Paladech of the Huay Yai police who went to the scene with rescue services expecting to find an injured man. It was 9.45pm last night.


It's a quiet soi and at the scene a red Scoopy Honda bike was found on its side.


The victim had no pulse and was lying face down in a pool of blood. 


Medics tried to stem the flow of blood and perform CPR but it proved futile and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.


He had been shot twice in the back and once under the waist with parts of the projectiles exiting shoulder and armpit.


Evidence of shots from a 9 mm weapon were found 50 meters away.


"Pop", 29, at the scene told Thai Rath that he had found the foreigner who was wearing a full face helmet.


He thought he had merely fallen off his bike and it was only when rescue services arrived that they all realised he had been shot.


"Em", 23, a hotel security man, said that he had been sleeping 300 meters away.


He said he heard 3 shots within a ten second timeframe.


Police managed to contact a close friend and carer of the deceased, 38 year old Thitiphan Kamlat from Mukdahan.


She arrived at the scene and was distraught. Fighting back tears she said that the decesed was a retired engineer from the UK.


They had been together for four years. 


On Christmas Eve he had flown back to the UK to be with his family and got back to Pattaya on Wednesday. 


At 4pm he said he was going for a drink with "Peter" in Soi Bua Khao in central Pattaya. She was invited but decided not to go.


She said that the deceased had no issues with anyone and had lots of friends being a popular guy.


Chonburi provincial police have determined that at 9.18 pm the victim was at a mini mart on Phra Tamnak hill.

There he bought two tins of baked beans, a loaf of bread and half a roast chicken.


He then went via Sukhumvit Road and Soi Chaiyapreuk towards his home in Huay Yai.


Police have suggested no motive at present.


They are studying CCTV to get a full picture of both the victim's movements and that of the assailant who shot him. 


More on this case as we hear of it at ASEAN NOW. 



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"Peter's" friend followed him or mistaken identity.

Phra Tamnak looks like not the shortest way home, he likely meet somebody there/gave lift to Peter's home or somebody else he had met in the pub

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7 minutes ago, mikeymike100 said:

Mistaken identity perhaps?

Yes, based on what can be gleaned from the details, maybe. Plenty of other possibilities based on possible details we have not been told too...

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9 minutes ago, Seppius said:

What location was he shot? Still in the Pratumnak area? I don't recognise the road

4th paragraph.

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55 minutes ago, HuskerDo2 said:

So sad when it happens to a good guy like this man seemed to be.

Someone didn't think so ...

... or worse, just a random shooting/mugging attempt.  That's a bit scary.

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1 hour ago, smedly said:

if you don't agree with what I said then fine I have no issue with that - it's called a discussion 

OK, let's discuss it. You posted ' there may have been as much as 20,000 quid or more at his residence, that is motive to me...........financial'

You are correct there, but maybe there wasn't that much, if any. Discuss this please.

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25 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

Back in the UK, the police would already be questioning his 39 year old 'carer'.

Strange things can happen when the husband/sponsor is away. 

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

She said that the deceased had no issues with anyone and had lots of friends being a popular guy.

Looks like someone was having an issue.

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