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I'm experiencing some problems with multiple symptoms and I have no idea what is causing it. Do the international hospitals have some sort of triage or GP system so that you can explain the problem and they can direct you to the most appropriate specialist? At the moment, my symptoms seem to cover urology, orthopaedics and possibly hepatology, but I'm unsure whether these are separate problems or if they're all linked. I already saw a urologist at BHP who did the full prostate package and didn't find any major problems, and he didn't seem to understand what I was saying exactly. I don't really want to have to visit two other specialists in different departments to find much the same thing happening. I suppose I could go to one of the clinics in Pattaya, and they're fine for treating common problems but this might well be beyond their expertise. Any suggestions?

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Unfortunately no, hospitals do not have this.


I can advise better if you describe (either here or by PM) what the problem is.



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