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Pet Friendly Hotels Pattaya Area


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I am looking at accommodation for 4 nights definately 2 April - 6 April 2023 for 2 including my small dog. My preferences in area would be somewhere known to be quieter. Today I did find somewhere that looks great with rooms specifically to accommodate pets as well but near the pool on ground level. Some older reviews state any rooms near the pool area tend to be noisey as had Chinese tour groups coming and going all hours; who also tended to be noisey around the pool. Okay.......not prejudiced but want relative quiet. The direct hotel quote including the dog (and his food and bedding was 10000) No problem but kind of put off now by previous reviews. 

Are there any pet owners out there who can recommend a good hotel that allow pets? Transport is no problem as driving there from another province.

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10k sounds a bit high ... silly.   What's with 'food & bedding' ?


Don't you travel with ?  Actually we bring a top cover (sheet) for the bed, as dog sleeps with us.  Has a bed, but doesn't use in room, just the car, and it's really a seat cushion.  Top sheet & small broom, and we leave the room as nice as when we arrive.


Do you have transport/car, and do you want to stay at beach area.  Haven't been to Patts in 10+ yrs, but surely got to be something better.  Unless it's a decent resort w/pool & brekkie, mid to high price.  We're low to mid, and rarely need pool, though April, yea, would be a good choice.


Can filter booking.com for 'pet friendly & parking', as good info, to start.   Though we find most places on Gmaps.  Reviews pre & during covid may not apply much coming this April.

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