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Tourism Ministry Eyes 80m International Tourists In 2027


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I can only think that they have based this on "think of a number and double it"!

They have also not considered the laws of supply and demand.

That is (in Thailand)

If demand is higher than supply, increase prices.

If supply is higher than demand , increase prices.

If there were such an increase in tourist numbers, prices would go through the roof and Thailand will no longer be attractive to tourists.

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16 hours ago, webfact said:

BANGKOK (NNT) - The Ministry of Tourism and Sports hopes to drive up the number of international visitors to Thailand to 80 million over the next five years.

Tomorrow: "There has been a mistake, a 'zero' was missing. The ministry is actually expecting 800 million visitors..."

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

said this target, once achieved, could raise the country’s tourism revenue from 1.93 trillion baht in 2019 to 5 trillion baht.


- foreign arrivals will double.

- 30% price increase (over the already high prices)


Thank God for the June 2022 liberalization. how else could he continue to smoke out these numbers..

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It will never happen, but let them dream. They can’t even complete a road project in 2-3 years. If it even rose to pre pandemic levels they will be screwed. Nobody wants to go on holiday to wait hours in the airport to get out then be stuck in traffic all day, scared of being ripped off(double charged) or messed with the police who like to play games with the foreigners. Also it’ll turn into China town and it won’t be the quiet peaceful land of smiles it used to be. Even that has disappeared in the bigger tourist locations already. 

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The minister must have been enjoying seriously good weed. Combined with (by then) 500 - 1'000 Baht landing fee the country will be seeing explosive increases in money flows; from China and India, apart from our brethren in the sand. 

Keep an eye on Pipat, let's see where he is in 2027 .......... at Swampy airport welcoming the 80 millionth tourist? Stay tuned 😉 

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Let’s all hope this fails like most TAT projects or projections.


Thailand was already creaking at the seams with 40 million pre-covid.

I have zero confidence that they can make the required infrastructure improvements to sustainably handle 80 million within 5 years.


If this prediction comes true, I expect it will be hellish in many tourist areas and providing an overall experience which only the mass-tourism market would accept. 


Once again, it raises the (rhetorical) question of how does this fit in with a quality and sustainable tourism strategy as so often espoused by the TAT ?

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thailand tourism was growing at some 10% oer year, from 10mln in 2000 to 40mln in 2019.

After covid growth is from 11mln in 2022 to possibly 25mln in 2023 - that if chinese will start coming at numbers (at the time they need obligatory insurance and might be facing the other curtailments, as to the other countries - pre-departure pcr).

After that jump I would expect steady 10% growth every year. In 5 years time it might add up to 37mln.

Many hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions shut down permanently in over 2 years of pandemic.

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