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Thailand's police caught with their pants down in extortion case of Taiwanese actress and friends - Chuwit revelations latest


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Although the "Thailand's police caught with their pants down", a post with derogatory slurs toward the Thai police has been removed:

14. You will not post slurs, degrading or overly negative comments directed towards Thailand, Thai people, Thai culture, Thai institutions such as the military, judicial or law enforcement system or specific locations within Thailand.

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3 hours ago, marcusb said:

What I find funny is the split. 

27,000 divided by 5-7 cops, plus a big tip for taxi driver.  They temporarily messed up their lives and careers for what,  4000 baht each?  What a joke. 

It's the collective 27000B's of the whole organization - add that to the xxx number of 500B's the small time fines across the country that night then add = every other scam, extortion and racket that the RTP have the fingers in, it all adds up to a nice number, and who gets the biggest share? the people at the top of the tree. They must burst into hysterics every time they get in to their car to drive home after a hard days work.

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