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Open bank account in Thailand from overseas ?

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Is it possible to open an account in Thailand from overseas without coming to Thailand ?

I was using KTB but they removed online banking and the account is stuck unless I go to Thailand to activate the app at the branch.

I need an account to send money to my thai son.



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I believe you have to do it in person. I think that’s the regulations from all Thai banks. (In fact it’s apparently getting more onerous to open one even in person. Many banks are asking for a work permit or at least long term visa/ extensions so I understand). As an option could you send directly to him or his guardian ? Just a thought .

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15 hours ago, couchpotato said:

Western Union is reliable, in lieu of an account.


Western Union is too expensive. My friend asked to send £1k to Thailand. He was quoted £28 senders fee. He asked what rate it would be converted to and was told £1=39.5 baht. The mid rate on the day was £1=44.8 baht.

So W. U. would cost £81 to send £1k.

Wise cost £10.39 with a rate of £1=44.8 baht. 

No contest. 

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You could open an account in your country with a debit card.  Mail the debit card to him to withdraw money from an ATM.  Don't activate the card until you know he has received it.  If you can find a bank that refunds fees even better.  Make sure he does not accept the exchange rate the ATM will offer.  That is far more expensive than any fees.

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I went myself to open a bank account because I stayed in the Kingdom of Thailand for 2 years and the bankers asked me for a work card. I had a problem because my work was undeclared so I went to Malaysia and I opened bank account where the company I worked for send monthly my money. The problem is not that I didnt want to pay taxes in Thailand but I didnt want to pay for pansions and insurances because I am healthy and all these things is like a bubble bull sh.... in ears of westerners. This is an anachronistic bureaucracy in Thailand. I wish you every success in your effort to approach your family in Thailand.

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